Dear Valued Clients, Partners & Friends,

You are cordially invited as my guest to attend the *SME DIGITAL TECH 4.0 2019*.

I will be a speaker in this prestigious event !!

Please claim your ticket by registering yourself at the link

Date: 17th April 2019, Wednesday

Venue: Top Happiness Grand Ballroom, Mines 2, Kuala Lumpur (South), Malaysia

Time: 8:00am – 5:00pm No. of Attendees: 1,800 pax

_(Only 1 person can be RSVP each time, kindly log in multiple times to RSVP multiple person)_

Key Learning:

1. Receive the most updated information on Funding your Digital Transformation

2. Know the opportunities of transforming your business and the inevitable dismissal of your business if you don’t

3. Learn from the success and mistakes of those who have started the transformation

4. Get informed from the experts and vendors on the latest technology available

5. Know which Ministries or related bodies to seek assistance for your transformation

Come join me at the SME Digital Tech 4.0 2019.

See you there.


Dr.Prakash Christiansen

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