Pen Test ? Penetration Test ? DO I NEED ONE !! #cyberAGILE #CyberSecurity

Cyber Question of the month ?

1) How much are you #CyberAgile in your CyberSecurity Initiative?

2) How much of Technology toughness have you validated against the potential cyber-security RISK?

3) So much of Industry 4.0.. , how much Industry CyberSecurity Strategy has been planned or implemented?

4) Are you “REALLY” ready if you encounter breech in the environment?

5) Have you ever engaged  Good/Tested/Real/Experienced 3rd Party Penetration Tester?

6) Have you ever donr #PenetrationTesting in your environment?

CyberSecurity Penetration Test

Now if you ever wonder what you do next?

  1. Start troubling your IT Security team or department and check if those questions are answered in structured manner and with positive evidence?
  2. If they can’t give you positive feedback to the above question? Time to speak with Professionals (trustworthy) and ensure this Risk are mitigated? (Independent Feedback is Important)
  3. Is the curiosity of our employees addressed well? Risk of Malware and the danger in it !! Time re-look into  this topic again.
    The aim of all virus writers and cyber-criminals is to disseminate their virus, worm or Trojan across as many computers or mobile telephones as possible. This can be achieved through one of two ways:

    • by social engineering
    • by infecting a system without the user’s knowledge

    These methods are often used simultaneously and usually include processes to circumvent antivirus programs as much as possible. – by SecureList


IT threat evolution Q3 2017. Statistics

Interesting fact :

I personally find this White Paper very interesting to know what potentially may happen in 2018?

Download the  Security Bulletin: Threat Predictions for 2018


Should you need any clarification or further advice on your #CyberSecurity #PenTest #PenetrationTest #VendorNeutral advice. Feel free to call or email me:


Thank You


Prakash Christiansen @Chris


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