MENLO SECURITY – Isolation Platform Technology (new chapter…for ITWNET Malaysia)

Lately I came across a very interesting or rather a disruptive technology which I believe that all internet user should “really consider” using to protect your internet security experience.

We later discovered that ABi Group is leading the technology implementation of Menlo Security. Quickly we realize that the Global IT Community of ITWNET must be introduced to this  technology evolution. 

It has been a very productive experience for us as ITWNET Malaysia / Singapore to embark on this technology so that the IT Community can benefit from this new paradigm shift.

We believe this technology will be the enabler for us to be in a 100% safe environment from Cyber risk…

On March 2017, together – ITWNET (Malaysia) and ABi Group kick start the collaboration  by having a soft awareness session and ITWNET 3# tech talk at the WORQ ,

We had a good turn out by various industry experts to understand and embrace this new technology. Many decision makers attended this event and indeed it was a successful session.

ITWNET and ABi Group awareness for Menlo Security – Isolation Platform Practitioner


We also felt that this technology should not be ignored, as such ITWNET Malaysia officially tied up a working relationship with ABi Group where ITWNET Members could also benefit from this technology.

ABi Group is an official Premier Partner of ITWNET Malaysia and thanks to CP Lee the CEO of ABi Group to enable this collaboration to happen.

Further to this, we felt that there should be a good education platform to further embark on this journey. Then ITWNET Malaysia  tied up a working relationship with SAS Management Sdn Bhd to enable the education platform for ISOLATION PLATFORM.

In my next article I will write more on what is ISOLATION PLATFORM PRACTITIONER


  Menlo Security

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To explore/ learn more on this technology :

Please email to us at ipp[@] or call us at +60380644242





Article by

Prakash Christiansen

CEO of ITWNET Malaysia / NexTAC Ventures Sdn Bhd (MY) & Pte Ltd (SG)


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